Managing your finances has just become much easier! With HRCU’s Out-Reach 24/7 Audio (phone) Account Access System you can perform many transactions right over the phone on the go or in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Now seven days a week; twenty-four hours a day; you can be in touch with your credit union accounts. Perhaps the best thing of all is its FREE!


Out-Reach 24/7 Audio Account Access System lets you:

    • Receive savings and loan balance information.
    • Verify deposits and checks that have cleared.
    • Transfer savings and loan payments within the same account or to additional accounts.
    • Activate/deactivate ATM/Debit MasterCard.
    • Obtain dividend and loan interest information.
    • Receive account history and information.
    • Obtain current rates and terms for all credit union products.
    • Transfer automatically to a credit union representative (during normal business hours).
    • Receive year-to-date account information.
    • Merchant verification.
    • Spanish option.


    Stop in or call TODAY and ask a Member Service Representative for more information about HRCU’s Out-Reach 24/7 Audio Account Access System.