New Membership Fee$1.00

Checking (Share Draft) Account Fees

Stop Payment Request for Drafts Written or Reported Lost$20.00

Copies of Paid Share Drafts (1 free copy per year)$5.00

Check ReorderVaries by Selection

Drafts Returned Due to Insufficient Funds (per item)$30.00

Insufficient Funds on Drafts Deposited and Returned $30.00

Overdraft Advance Fee (per item) – $30.00

ACH and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

ACH Items for Immediate Return due to Insufficient Funds (per item)$30.00

ACH Stop Payments (per item)$20.00

Overdraft Transfer Fee – ACH & Share Drafts – $5.00

Out-Reach 24/7 E-Services Suite

Insufficient Funds Return$30.00

ATM & Debit Card Fees

New ATM/Debit Card Application FeeFREE (if Qualify)

Inactive Debit Card Fee (No card activity for three consecutive months)$1 per month

Card Replacement Fee (per card)$10.00

Pin Reorder Fee (per order)$5.00

Debit Card Purchases or Point of Sale (POS)FREE

Withdrawals at Non HRCU-Owned ATMsSix (6) Free per month, $1.50 thereafter. Other financial institution’s rates may apply.

Non-Member Fee at HRCU-Owned ATMs (per withdrawal)$3.00

Money Market Share Account

Over Three (3) Transfers/Withdrawals per Month (each)$5.00

Loan Fees

Electronic Title Fee*$11.00

Title Encumbrance Fee*$26.00

Certificate of Title Fee*$55.00

Official Loan Payoff Statement (10 Day) – Payoff statement can be emailed/faxed to another institution$15.00

Loan Cancellation or an Approved & Pending Loan$10.00

Fees Related to Real Estate LendingVarious fees apply to all real estate loans due to loan and legal processing that include the following: recording, release, title search, appraisal fees, etc.

Denied Quick Cash Application$10.00

*Fees charged by PennDOT.

Miscellaneous and Other Fees

Wire Transfer (per wire):
Domestic (incoming) – $5.00
Domestic (outgoing) – $20.00

Credit Union Checks Payable to Third Parties, Excluding Loan Advances (check amount must be over $1,000)$3.00
Inactive or Dormant Account Fee Over Two (2) Years (per month)$5.00
Stop Payment Fee For Official Credit Union Check (per item)$20.00
Statement Copies for Each Interim Account Statement Printout$5.00
Duplicate Account Statement Copies (per month)$8.00

Processing of Legal Documents (IRS Levy, Garnishment, etc.)$30.00
Members requiring assistance from the credit union staff in order to reconcile any share or loan account may be charged a fee of $20.00. An hourly fee of $15.00 will be assessed for each additional hour required.

Money Orders – Maximum Amount $1,000 (per item)$1.00
Stop payment of HRCU-Issued Money Order$20.00
Returned Mail Fee$6.00
Account Closed within 30 Days of Opening$5.00
Account Escheat Fee$25.00
Copies of Checks Deposited (per item)$5.00
Signature Guarantee (per signature)$20.00


IRA Transfer (any type) to Another Financial Institution or Account Closing Fee$15.00

Foreign Check deposited (HRCU is charged by depository)$25.00
Coin Counting Fee (per use)
Up to $500 – $1.00
$500 and up – $2.00

Gift Cards (each) – Maximum Amount $1,000  $3.00

Club Fees
– Christmas – Withdrawal/Transfer Fee – $5.00
– Tax Club (each) – 1 Free Withdrawal/Transfer (per month) – $5.00

Signature/Personal Line of Credit – Inactive for 12 Months – Yearly Fee$20.00

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Small Box (Annual)$20.00
Medium Box (Annual)$40.00
Large Box (Annual)$60.00
X Large Box (Annual)$90.00
One Lost Key$20.00
Drill Box$150.00
Late Fee (+30 Days)$15.00