PROMOTION: Hidden River Credit Union (HRCU) is offering two ways for members to participate in The Fall Feastaway. 1. Any HRCU member in good standing may nominate a deserving family to Win a Feast. 2. Any HRCU member who receives a New or Used Auto Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) has a chance to get their name drawn to Get a Feast & Give a Feast.

DATES: Promotion runs from September 1, 2018 through November 7, 2018. Award recipients for the Nomination category will be selected by November 12, 2018. Drawing for the Loan category award recipients will be held on November 12, 2018. HRCU reserves the right to adjust the dates as we deem necessary.

AWARD RECIPIENT SELECTION: Award recipients for the Nomination category will be selected by an appointed Nomination Committee. Selection made by the Nomination Committee will be done based on information provided on entry forms. Award recipients for the Loan category will be randomly selected from all eligible entries (as defined below). The award recipients will be notified by phone and must confirm within 72 hours; if confirmation is not provided within 72 hours from notification, the prize will be forfeited. If award recipients do not pick up their prize within 30 days from notification, the prize will be forefeited.

ELIGIBILITY & LIMITATIONS: Participants in The Fall Feastaway may complete both methods of participation, or can choose to do just one. Nomination Category – All entry forms must be fully completed to be considered by the Nomination Committee. Only HRCU members may nominate a family; however, the nominee does not have to be an HRCU member. Nominee listed on the entry form must be at least 18-years old. Valid contact information must be provided in order to provide award recipients with prizes. The Nomination Committee will select at least 3 award recipients to recieve a $250 Giant Gift Card. All entry forms will be kept confidential. Loan Category – All new or used vehicle loans over $5,000, including refinances, and all HELOCs (new money only) funded by HRCU between the dates of September 1, 2018 through November 7, 2018 will be entered in the drawing for a chance to win 1 of 3 prize packs. Each prize pack includes 2 – $250 Giant Gift Cards. HRCU will provide 1 Giant Gift Card to the award recipient, and 1 Giant Gift Card directly to another family of the award recipients choice. A participant of the award recipient’s choice must be at least 18-years old, and must pickup the gift card in person. Loan application approval is not enough to be eligible. Odds of winning depend on the number of loans funded. HRCU reserves the right to modify, terminate, or extend the promotion at any time.

Participants and nominees must be at least 18-years old. Any employee or family member of an employee is ineligible to participate or win. By participating, each participant grants Hidden River Credit Union permission to use their name, photograph, and likeness in connection with this promotion. By participating, each individual waives any and all claims of liability against Hidden River Credit Union, its employees, for any personal injury or loss which may occur from the conduct of, or participation in, the promotion, or from the use of any prize. Any valuation of the prizes stated above is based on available information provided to Hidden River Credit Union, and the value of any prize awarded to a participant may be reported for tax purposes as required by law. Each participant is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes. Prizes are not transferrable and gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Hidden River Credit Union reserves the right to disqualify any participant and may refuse to award any prize to a person who is ineligible or has violated any rule, gained unfair advantage in participating in the contest, or obtained eligibility status using fraudulent means. All decisions will be made by Hidden River Credit Union and are final. Terms and content of contest are subject to change without prior notice.




New Applicants 

Hidden River Credit Union is temporarily no longer accepting new Student Choice loan applications. Please contact HRCU if you have questions or need assistance with determining student loan alternatives.

Check this site for updates regarding the program.

Returning Borrowers

If you are an existing Student Choice borrower with HRCU and you need to request additional funds, please click here.

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**PA Newsmakers’ Student Loan Special**
Featuring HRCU CEO John Murga & PCUA President and CEO Patrick Conway

Check out this recent episode of PA Newsmakers to watch HRCU CEO John Murga and PCUA President & CEO Patrick Conway as they discuss student lending with host Terry Madonna. Topics include the value of a college degree, rising college costs, types of loans, tips for managing student loan debt, and more. For more info about our Student Loan products, click here.






If you receive a phone call or text message from a random phone number asking you to call or text any information regarding your Hidden River Credit Union Account this is FRAUD. Please be aware Hidden River Credit Union will NEVER call or text you asking for your account number or card number. If you have any questions, please call Hidden River Credit Union. Please do not give any personal card or account information out to anyone over the phone unless you are certain you know who you’re speaking to.

Best Practices:

      • Never call a potential fraudulent number. Law enforcement and local communication companies may be in the middle of an investigation that will be compromised if the fraudsters become suspicious.
      • Please give credit union staff as many details as possible if you are reporting an incident. Full telephone numbers including area codes are essential for any telephone scam investigation.
      • Be aware that a series of numbers are often involved in telephone scams. This scam may not be entirely limited to the number(s) referenced above.

If you are ever unsure, please call Hidden River Credit Union at 570.622.3399 or 570.366.8800 for assistance.




If your card is lost or stolen please call the credit union at 570.622.3399 or 570.366.8800 during normal business hours, if it is not normal business hours please contact 800.754.4128 or you can also capture your ATM/Debit MasterCard through HRCU’s Out-Reach 24/7 Online Account Access under Settings. If you do not have access to HRCU’s Out-Reach 24/7 Online Account Access, call a branch location today to get set up!