Unimproved Land

Owning land is a sound investment for the future, that’s why the credit union offers great fixed rates, flexible terms and an available amount of up to 90% of the appraised value of the land to borrow.

Our lending staff is always available to answer your questions, regarding terms, rates, payment schedules and to take your application.

HRCU offers all of the following features on Unimproved Land Loans:

  • No application fee.
  • No credit report fee.
  • Low appraisal fee.
  • No pre-payment penalties.
  • Available amount to borrow 90% of appraised value.
  • Extended re-payment terms.
  • Availability to purchase Smart Choice Loan Protection Insurance including life, disability and unemployment.
  • Competitive local interest rates.
  • Flexible loan terms.
  • Convenience of direct deposit, payroll deduction and automatic transfer.

Stop in or call TODAY to find out your payment to purchase land and start building your dream home!