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Person using fingertouch id on iphone

Fingerprint Authentication

Make logging into your HRCU account on your mobile device fast and easy, yet just as secure.

How to set up Finger Print Authentication:

  1. Click “Fingerprint” (located directly under the Sign On button).
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to enable the “Touch ID” feature on your phone if you don’t already have it enabled.
  3. Slide on to enable Fingerprint Authentication.
  4. Read the security notice and select Yes to agree.
  5. Sign into your account as confirmation.
  6. Scan your finger to save credentials.
Person taking a picture of a Hidden River Credit Union check with their phone.

Remote Deposit1

Securely deposit your checks2 from anywhere at anytime while on the go at no cost to you! It’s convenience at your fingertips!

How to make a Remote Deposit:

  1. TAP. Select “Mobile Deposit.” Then, “Choose Account” for deposit. Enter check amount in “Amount to Deposit.”
  2. SNAP. Take photos of check front and back. (Be sure to endorse the check.)
  3. DEPOSIT. Confirm deposit details and press “Submit.” (Holds will apply.)3

1Must be a member in good standing for over 30 days. Must have a share draft checking account. HRCU may rescind a member’s access to Remote Deposit for the following reasons: negative account balance over 30 days; delinquent loan 15 days or more; share negative 15 days or more; attempting to resubmit previously deposited checks; negative ChexSystems report; Overdraft Advance was rescinded; cash in/cash out accounts; charged off loan; high risk accounts; inmate accounts; fraud; and kiting. Member cannot redeposit a check through Remote Deposit or at a physical branch. Member may only deposit checks made payable to himself/herself. Member may not deposit “post dated” or “stale dated” checks. Member may not deposit checks drawn on the same account in which they are being deposited. HRCU reserves the right to rescind access to Remote Deposit at anytime without explanation.

2Types of checks accepted: personal checks; payroll checks; cashier/teller checks; government checks; and insurance checks. Types of checks not accepted: third-party checks (checks payable to any person or entity other than the member); post-dated checks; checks not payable in U.S. currency; altered checks; IRA and share certificate deposits; money orders; and traveler checks.

3No hold on checks $225 or less. Checks exceeding $225 will have the first $225 released and a four (4) business day hold placed on the remaining balance. $2,500 daily limit. $15,000 rolling 30-day limit.