Cover of 1st Quarter Latitudes Newsletter with dark sky background and white snow falling on snowglobe ornament with red roofed, white house and spruce trees inside. Includes text "Spruce up your home this winter season. Rates as low as 3.49% APR for the first 12 months. Already have a HELOC at another institution? Consider refinancing it with HRCU to save!"

First Quarter 2024

Cover of 2nd Quarter Latitudes Newsletter with sky background and field as well as girl hanging out of car window wearing hat and sunglasses, and looking up at sky. Includes text "Savings & Sunshine - Welcome Spring and all the Savings it can bring - at HRCU! Rates as low as 5.99% APR on all terms up to 60 months." Full write up and disclosure also included.

Second Quarter 2024

Cover of Latitudes First Quarter 2023 Newsletter

First Quarter 2023

Cover of 2nd Quarter Latitudes Newsletter with family around a computer planning a trip

Second Quarter 2023

Cover of 3rd Quarter Latitudes Newsletter with assortment of lemons, some cut in half, with sparse leaves and a white textured background with the text "When Life Give You Lemons, Access the Equity in Your Home with a Line of Credit and... Squeeze the Day with 3.49% APR* for the first 12 months."

Third Quarter 2023

Cover of 4th Quarter Latitudes Newsletter with female college student holding a book with a white background. The text "Ahead of The Curve, Simplify your Life with HRCU'S Student Loan Refinance Solution. Fixed Rates as low as 5.69% APR*. For a Limited Time receive a $250 refi bonus*."

Fourth Quarter 2023

First Quarter 2022 - Latitudes Newsletter

First Quarter 2022

Second Quarter 2022 - Latitudes Newsletter

Second Quarter 2022

Cover of Latitudes Third Quarter 2022 Newsletter

Third Quarter 2022

Cover of Latitudes Fourth Quarter 2022 Newsletter with couple sitting on floor admiring completed kitchen renovation

Fourth Quarter 2022

Cover of First Quarter 2021 Newsletter

First Quarter 2021

Front of Spring Newsletter 2021

Second Quarter 2021

Cover of Third Quarter 2021 Newsletter

Third Quarter 2021

Cover of Fourth Quarter 2021 Newsletter

Fourth Quarter 2021

Front page of Hidden River Credit Union First Quarter 2020 Newletter

First Quarter 2020

Front cover of 2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Second Quarter 2020

Hidden River Credit Union 2020 3rd Quarter Newsletter On The Road Again

Third Quarter 2020

First page of Fourth Quarter 2020 Newsletter - the Sweater Weather Loan Event

Fourth Quarter 2020